#BetterMethods - Kickout Flashing

Kickout Flashing

During the roof install of all our new homes we install kickout flashing in all necessary roof wall locations. Kickout flashing is installed to divert any draining water close to the wall into the gutter system. The kickout flashing protects the wall below the roof line by preventing water from running behind the small gap in the gutter and draining onto or behind the siding which can lead to water issues.


Diverts the water away

Protects the Siding

Improves water drainage 

Results of noT INSTALLING Kickout Flashing

Without kickout flashing installed water can run off the roof top and penetrate the wall sheathing. This occurs because when the gutter systems are installed there is a small gap between the end of the gutter and the wall face. This small gap allows water to run through and potentially damage the siding and sheathing.