#BetterMethods - Dryer Box


Dryer Box

Behind all the dryer locations in a house we install a Dryer Ventilation Box. A Dryer box is built into the wall and allows for the dryer ventilation pipes to be installed inside the wall cavity. Installing the dryer box increase the space in the laundry room, eliminates fire hazards, and increase the efficiency of the dryer.

Space Saver

Without a dryer vent box most dryers need to placed six to ten inches away from the wall for proper venting. Installing the dryer box allows for the dryer to placed tight against the back wall saving space in the laundry room. Not only does it save space, the washer and dryer typically become in align which is more ascetically pleasing to the owner.

     Dryer venting with no Dryer Box

     Dryer venting with no Dryer Box

Kinked Vent Issues

Kinks in a dryer vent pipes can lead to lint build up inside the pipe which becomes an extremely dangerous fire hazard. A kinked pipe also lowers the energy efficiency of the dryer due to the restricted air path.