#BetterMaterials - Engineered Stair Stringers


  • Eliminates Squeaks

  • greater STRENGTH

  • Minimizes Bounce

  • Resists warping

  • Eliminates sag

During construction of all our new homes we install engineered stair stringers instead of traditional solid lumber stringers. The engineered stair stringers we install provide a stronger and more durable stair system. The engineered stringers do not warp or bow overtime like solid lumber does. This eliminates any potential of the stair system bouncing or squeaking when walked upon.  

Engineered stair stringers: 

  • supports sustainable building

  • provides lasting DURABILITY

  • spans further distances

  • reduces future issues

#BetterMethods - Cedar Sills

Cedar, Air sealing, Foam in SIll.jpg

Positive Drainage Outside the House

During construction of all our new homes we install an angled cedar board on the window sill to divert any moisture to the outside of the house. Doing this does not allow any potential for water to accumulate on the window sill and run into the house. Moisture rarely finds its way onto the sill, however during a driving rain storms, moisture can get behind the window flashing and settle onto the sill. Our angled cedar installed on the sill is an extra precautionary step to prevent any water from entering the house.

#BetterMaterials - Andersen Windows


Energy Star Rated

Limited Warranty

Andersen has been providing home owners with quality windows for over a century, and creating a beautiful view from both in and outside the house.

During the construction of all our new homes we prefer to use Andersen Windows because of the quality of the product and the design options given to the owner. Given these two traits home owners receives a better built home with Andersen Windows.


Andersen provides a large array of window options from materials, styles, and color options. With all these variables any window design can be met to match the style of the house the home owner is looking for.


Andersen windows are manufactured with wood, vinyl, and composite materials which provides a strong study window. Being made out of these materials, the windows resist decay, and are low maintenance for the home owners.

Energy Efficient 

Andersen offers a variety of glass options to match any climate and owners desires.

Cold Climate glass Options:    

Low E Passive-Sun Glass: Allows the suns heat to transfer through the glass.               Heat-Lock Coating: Prevents heat from exiting the home through the glass.                       Triple Pain Glass: Most energy efficient window option.

Energy Effecient


#BetterMethods - Drainage Mats



Behind all of our masonry veneer finishes we install drainage mats which are used to drain water and protect the masonry veneer finish. 

With Drainage Mats

Drainage mats installed behind the masonry veneer finishes allows water to drain down and out from the small groves created by the drainage mat. Having this small space allows air to flow through the matting which dries any moisture resting on the surface

Without Drainage Mats

Masonry veneer finishes without a drainage mat allows water to accumulate between the veneer finish and the wall sheathing. Water in this area can lead to cracking and chipping of the grout, and overtime lead to further issues with the masonry veneer finish.

Drainage Mat 1.jpg

#BetterMethods - Increased Ceiling Heights


Customizable Ceilings

Additional Sunlight

Increased Space

More Luxurious


Nine Foot Walls

In all our new homes we build, we start construction with nine foot basement walls, followed by nine foot house walls. We increase the wall heights, from standard eight foot wall construction, to increase the space in the home which creates a more open feeling.

Raising the ceiling heights in a home creates a more comfortable living condition for everyone in the home. Increased ceiling heights also allows for customizable window locations and larger windows, which increases the natural light in the home. 

ceiling heights 4.jpg

#BetterMethods - Dryer Box


Dryer Box

Behind all the dryer locations in a house we install a Dryer Ventilation Box. A Dryer box is built into the wall and allows for the dryer ventilation pipes to be installed inside the wall cavity. Installing the dryer box increase the space in the laundry room, eliminates fire hazards, and increase the efficiency of the dryer.

Space Saver

Without a dryer vent box most dryers need to placed six to ten inches away from the wall for proper venting. Installing the dryer box allows for the dryer to placed tight against the back wall saving space in the laundry room. Not only does it save space, the washer and dryer typically become in align which is more ascetically pleasing to the owner.

     Dryer venting with no Dryer Box

     Dryer venting with no Dryer Box

Kinked Vent Issues

Kinks in a dryer vent pipes can lead to lint build up inside the pipe which becomes an extremely dangerous fire hazard. A kinked pipe also lowers the energy efficiency of the dryer due to the restricted air path.


#BetterMaterials - Tyvek DrainWrap

Tyvek 3.jpg
tvyek 6.jpg

Tyvek Drainwrap

  • Resists Air Penetration

  • Resists Water Penetration

  • Allows Moisture to Escape

During exterior wall sheathing with oriented strand board we wrap our houses with Tyvek drainwrap rather than standard house wrap. Standard house wrap allows water to rest on the house wrap and slowly drains away. Tyvek drainwrap has vertical groves which gathers water and quickly drains the water to the outside of the house.


#BetterMethods - Panasonic WhisperGreen

Noise Reduction

During construction of all our new homes we install Panasonic Whisper Green Bath Fans. Panasonic bath fans are extremely quiet, so much that people don't notice the fans running.

Energy efficient

Panasonic bath fans automatically adjust the fan speed to the control the moisture levels in the bathroom. Panasonic Whisper Green Bath Fans will start operating at low speeds and increase speeds when necessary reducing energy usage unlike bath fans which only operate at one speed.


In each bathroom we set the bath fans starting operating speed based on the size of the room, and how much moisture will be produced in the room. If the bath fan would ever need to adjusted for higher or lower starting operating speeds that can be easily accomplished by adjusting the fans settings.

#BetterMethods - Radon Gas Removal

During construction of all our new homes we install a Radon Gas Removal System. Radon is a harmful, odorless, radioactive gas and if exposed to this gas overtime serious health issues can occur. Radon gas is commonly known to accumulate under basement slabs and eventually find its way into the home. Our radon gas system we install is designed to remove any radon gas before it accumulates under the slab and divert the gas outside the house providing the best home air quality.

Radon Gas Level's

Being centrally located in Sheboygan we are placed in zone 2 for radon gas health hazards. And although most homes we build in the Sheboygan area will not have a radon gas problem, we are proud to ensure none of the homes we build will have a radon gas problem due to the radon gas removal system we install during construction.

#BetterMethods - Kickout Flashing

Kickout Flashing

During the roof install of all our new homes we install kickout flashing in all necessary roof wall locations. Kickout flashing is installed to divert any draining water close to the wall into the gutter system. The kickout flashing protects the wall below the roof line by preventing water from running behind the small gap in the gutter and draining onto or behind the siding which can lead to water issues.


Diverts the water away

Protects the Siding

Improves water drainage 

Results of noT INSTALLING Kickout Flashing

Without kickout flashing installed water can run off the roof top and penetrate the wall sheathing. This occurs because when the gutter systems are installed there is a small gap between the end of the gutter and the wall face. This small gap allows water to run through and potentially damage the siding and sheathing. 

#BetterMaterials - Fortress Floors

Fortress Floors.jpg


During the final steps of the construction process we use Fortress Floors if the home owners decides to finish the garage flooring. Fortress Floors uses a polyurea base with a polyaspartic top coat which is far more durable than a common epoxy floor finish.

Fortress Floors 5.jpg

Skid Resistant

Fortress Floors chip flooring is finalized with a textured finish which provides traction when foot traffic and vehicles are moving on the floor. Also, the textured finish on the floors will not become slippery when the floor gets wet.  

Low Maintenance

Dirt, oils, and other contaminates cannot penetrate the surface of the finished floor, which makes for easy cleaning and no concern for stains from engine drips. 

Limited Warranty

Fortress Floors is backed with a 15 year warranty on all the floors they install. 

#BetterMethods - Dust Control


Eliminates dust

Improves air quality

Protects the workers



Build Clean Dust Control

During construction of all our new homes and remodeling projects we have a Build Clean Dust Control System set up inside the house. This system continuously filters the air removing dust and allergens produced during the construction process. The Build Clean air filter keeps dust to a minimum inside the house, which keeps our homes clean and protects the people working inside the home. 


Zip Wall Dust Prevention 

During remodeling projects we install a zip wall dust prevention screen to keep the dust inside the remodeling area. This allows homeowners to continue to use their home with no concern for dust traveling throughout the entire home. Inside the protected area we have our Build Clean Dust Control System set up to eliminate the dust in the remodeling area.

#BetterMaterials - CertainTeed MemBrain

In mixed climates, where homes that heat in the winter and cool in the summer, homes using traditional polyethylene vapor retarders may actually trap moisture in the cavity during the summer.  This raises the risk of costly moisture and mold issues, structural damage, health consequences, and liability.

When insulating our new homes, we use CertainTeed MemBrain to prevent water vapor from getting trapped in the wall cavities. This leading edge product allows moisture to escape during humid summer months and blocks moisture from entering the walls during cool winter months.

CertainTeed MemBrain provides a balanced moisture level, creating a comfortable living condition.

Removes moisture when humidity levels are high

Removes moisture when humidity levels are high

   Resists moisture when humidity levels are low

   Resists moisture when humidity levels are low

#BetterMaterials - AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive

Polyurethane bonding strength

AdvanTech's Subfloor Adhesive is used on all new homes we build to support both the loads during the construction process and the loads from everyday use. AdvanTech's Adhesive applies as a foam and turns into an adhesive gel to create an extremely strong bond between the joists and subfloor. The adhesive is water resistant which eliminates concern for water damage when the subfloor is exposed to harsh weather conditions, and can be adhered to wet or frozen wood.

Squeak Free WARRANTY

AdvanTech's Subfloor Adhesive is backed by a 10 year squeak free limited warranty. This subfloor adhesive creates a squeak free quiet floor system for all homes we build, which eliminates callbacks for squeaky floors.

#BetterMaterials - AdvanTech Flooring

#Build Better

At Rautmann Custom Homes, we are always searching for a better way to do things. When it comes to our floor systems, that philosophical approach results in the use of AdvanTech floor sheathing. Not only do we specify a stronger floor system than code requires, but the use of Advantech provides our homeowners with additional strength, superior weather resistance, and a much more stable surface for all of your beautiful finishing touches.

advantech Flooring 1.PNG


Stronger Fastener Holding Power

AdvanTech’s floor sheathing product is stronger and stiffer then oriented strand board and plywood. This floor sheathing product eliminates any movement of the floor due to its stiffness, and holding power. In result the floor will not squeak, shake, or bounce and can support greater loads.

Water Resistant

AdvanTech's  flooring system resists water from entering the material, which in return will prevent any swelling and cupping from any precipitation or home water leaks.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

AdvanTech's floor system is backed with the best sub-floor warranty, the warranty can also be transferred to future home owners.