#BetterMethods - Radon Gas Removal

During construction of all our new homes we install a Radon Gas Removal System. Radon is a harmful, odorless, radioactive gas and if exposed to this gas overtime serious health issues can occur. Radon gas is commonly known to accumulate under basement slabs and eventually find its way into the home. Our radon gas system we install is designed to remove any radon gas before it accumulates under the slab and divert the gas outside the house providing the best home air quality.

Radon Gas Level's

Being centrally located in Sheboygan we are placed in zone 2 for radon gas health hazards. And although most homes we build in the Sheboygan area will not have a radon gas problem, we are proud to ensure none of the homes we build will have a radon gas problem due to the radon gas removal system we install during construction.