#BetterMaterials - AdvanTech Flooring

#Build Better

At Rautmann Custom Homes, we are always searching for a better way to do things. When it comes to our floor systems, that philosophical approach results in the use of AdvanTech floor sheathing. Not only do we specify a stronger floor system than code requires, but the use of Advantech provides our homeowners with additional strength, superior weather resistance, and a much more stable surface for all of your beautiful finishing touches.

advantech Flooring 1.PNG


Stronger Fastener Holding Power

AdvanTech’s floor sheathing product is stronger and stiffer then oriented strand board and plywood. This floor sheathing product eliminates any movement of the floor due to its stiffness, and holding power. In result the floor will not squeak, shake, or bounce and can support greater loads.

Water Resistant

AdvanTech's  flooring system resists water from entering the material, which in return will prevent any swelling and cupping from any precipitation or home water leaks.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

AdvanTech's floor system is backed with the best sub-floor warranty, the warranty can also be transferred to future home owners.